Make digital complexity understandable.

Ambiguity, uncertainty and speed of change is our new daily normal. So we should not waste time looking for an obstacle. I believe that everyone can learn to innovate and to make these necessary changes positively. It is therefore important to have the courage and the ability to solve complex and strategic issues in today's digitization time.


My Topics

  • Digitization

    In times of radical digital transformation leave the comfort zone.

  • Innovation

    Experiment. Make mistakes. Learn. Divide. Reshape processes.

  • Risk Management

    Communicate better Information security and cybersecurity.

My digital Magazine

Simplify IT Management. Focus on the future IT challenges and skills for continuous learning. Read my Magazine on Flipboard, my articles on Medium or Twitter-Feeds.

My daily experience

As Chief Criminal Director at the Federal Criminal Police Office, I am responsible for the reorientation of information management in the German police.

  • 1000+ Applications
  • 5000+ Locations
  • 500.000+ PC/Notebooks
  • 330.000+ Users
  • 1000.000+ Processes

My Passion for IT issues began over 30 years ago. First with amber monitors and Multiplan as programmable calculation. About the operational police matters beyond certifications as a Microsoft Solution Developer and Trainer, Speaker in network and database development, combating cybercrime and forensic analysis, I have now over 15 years of management experience in the IT planning and control within the police NRW. Currently the work with a great team, large and small worldwide software suppliers and external consulting firms and analysts in the most diverse areas of the police process motivates me every day again.

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